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What is your name? my name would be anna :)
How old are you? 18
Have you or do you know anyone who has been on Knock First!? nahh. i wish.
Would you like to be on KF!? i'd do ANYTHING to be on kf.
Who is your favorite designer? i like shane. he rocks my world.
Which room did you like best? hmm. i can't choose! there's so many i liked...

Fav Bands/Musicians: mae, the starting line, the early november, never heard of it, nfg, any band on drive thru records. really the list is never ending...
Fav Movies: sixteen candles, the dtr dvd, the story so far, my girl..
Hobbies: making purses, graphic design, photography, listening to music, going to shows..
Other TV shows I watch: friends, CSI, the oc, american idol, america's next top model, real world...

i want to meet new people, so add me if you wish! <3
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