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I Lub Knock First!

What is your name? Melanie ... Melon
How old are you? Fo Teen
Have you or do you know anyone who has been on Knock First!? Nope
Would you like to be on KF!? Of Course!
Who is your favorite designer? Shane of course because he's the funniest one. And the Coolest. He adds fun to the rooms.
Which room did you like best? Hmm.. I saw this really cool room it was like this Candy room. I was amazed. Give me that room, now!

Fav Bands/Musicians: Incubus, Midtown, Thursday, Saves the Day, Madonna, Something Corporate, The Vines, The yeah yeah yeahs, The Cartigans, Hot Hot Heat, This is a never ending list.
Fav Movies: Welcome to the Dollhouse, Go, Road Trip, The Slums of Beverly Hills, Girl Interrupted, An Eye for an Eye
Hobbies: TV, Mall, TV, more mall, More TV, Video Games, Drums.. this could go on forever
Other TV shows I watch: The Real World, South Park, Adult Swim, Fear Factor, The O.C, The Simpsons, and Degrassi
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