theycallme KRISTIE (bulletheory) wrote in knockfirst,
theycallme KRISTIE

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What is your name? kristie
How old are you? seventeen
Have you or do you know anyone who has been on Knock First!? aww, no :(
Would you like to be on KF!? definitely!
Who is your favorite designer? shane <3
Which room did you like best? i dont know!

Fav Bands/Musicians: coheed and cambria, pedro the lion, my chemical romance, bright eyes, finch, pretty girls make graves, thrice, mae, +
Fav Movies: jack, black cadillac, enemy of the state
past times: music, causing trouble with friends, snowboarding, aim
Other TV shows I watch: insomniac, my so-called life, degrassi

umm, when i first started watching knock first, i saw andy and i thought it was ben affleck. then i just continued watching it, i guess. i get really bored sometimes so you should IM me. my screenname= identify him. X_x
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